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What your trip includes:

    • Snorkeling at Molokini
    • Swimming with sea turtles*
    • Free learn-to-snorkel instruction
    • Snorkel equipment
    • Flotation devices available upon request
    • Fresh Maui Pineapple, muffins and cold drinks (you may also B.Y.O.B. – no glass please)
    • Possible dolphin and seasonal whale sightings
    • Wetsuits available for rent

Our three-hour adventure embarks at 7:30 AM (please arrive for check-in at 7:00 am)  to avoid large crowds and trade winds that can make for a bumpy ride and gives you plenty of time to plan another adventure in the day. Our meeting location is at the Kihei Boat Ramp, only 5 minutes away from most Wailea Resorts and within walking distance to the South Kihei Resorts. This is a prime location that provides a quick 15-minute ride to Molokini.

On our way to Molokini, our crew will prepare and sanitize your snorkel gear ensuring it fits correctly and you are comfortable. During your ride, there will also be instructions for the beginning snorkeler. As soon as we arrive at Molokini you are immediately ready to dive in and get wet. Our crew will join you, provide assistance, and show you interesting things Molokini has to offer. They will answer any questions you have about the sea life and will strive to make sure you see plenty of interesting fish, coral, shells, and on rare occasions; turtles, whale sharks, white tip sharks and more.

About Molokini Snorkeling Site

Defined as the ‘must-do’ adventure in Maui, Molokini crater provides world famous snorkeling and is home to more than 250 species of fish painted in every color of the rainbow, some of which can be found nowhere else on Earth. Formed from ancientMolokini volcanic eruptions it now serves as a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation Sanctuary, making Molokini a prime snorkeling destination. With crystal clear water visibility that can exceed 150 feet, Molokini allows snorkelers to witness an abundance of sea life and coral. Molokini is one of only three sheltered volcanic calderas in the world; its unique crescent shape provides a natural barrier against waves and currents inside the crater, providing excellent conditions for beginner to intermediate snorkelers.

A perfect end to your Molokini Snorkel adventure finishes with a swim over the Reefs End. The experience has been compared to “flying” as you swim over the crater’s edge to witness a massive drop from a few feet to more than 200 feet!

Time and weather conditions permitting Seafire Charters may voyage to the backside of Molokini. It is home to majestic underwater ledges and vertical walls dropping down to over 300 feet in depth with visibility that can exceed 150 feet. Snorkelers of the back wall have witnessed sites of black coral, interesting rocks, and evocative ledges as well as manta rays, sharks, whales, schools of butterfly fish, squirrel fish and much more. The backside of Molokini is a more open ocean experience providing an advanced snorkel adventure.

The "PLUS"

South Maui Coast Line

Next, our adventure takes us along the pristine South Maui Coastline; providing an unparalleled view of Maui that only can only be experienced on the water looking back at the island. Beginning in Makena past Wailea and ending in Kihei, this is what makes boating such an unparalleled way to experience Hawaii. 

Turtle Cleaning Station

Just when you thought you have seen it all, we go to our next destination, Turtle Cleaning Station. The great thing about this location is that it’s a consistent depth that allows for up-close encounters with turtles. Cleaning stations are spots in the reef area where certain types of fish eagerly nibble away at the parasites and algae that accumulates on the turtles. It is often common to the see the turtles swimming around or lying on the bottom with fish around them doing their cleaning work. Here you will have another opportunity to snorkel and on most occasions be able to swim with turtles as they come to the surface for air.

*Touching, chasing, riding or harassing the turtles is strictly prohibited.

Dolphins and Seasonal Whales

The beauty of Seafire Charters Molokini Snorkel PLUS Adventure is that to get to Molokini from Kihei you pass right through the natural habitat of dolphins and whales! Dolphins are naturally playful and enjoy swimming and jumping along the wakes of our S.A.F.E. boats, and our captains are excellent at making the best of these special encounters with these beautiful, smart and fun water mammals. 

Hawaiian waters are special, they provide the perfect conditions for migrating humpback whales looking for a warm place to calve, mate, and rear their young. From December to May the Maui coast becomes the “cradle of the humpback”. With the prime times being from the end of February and through April, it is during these four months that Seafire Charters often gets to see the beauty of these majestic creatures first hand. 

Humpback whales are presently listed on the endangered species list; though they have been protected from whaling in U.S. waters sense 1966. Humpback whale’s lifespan range from 45–100 years old and have been known to reach 62 feet long, and weigh up to 4 tons.

Calves are born weighing approximately 1,000 pounds, gaining around 200 pounds a day for the first few weeks of life. The long black and white tail fin, which can be up to a third of their body length, and the pectoral fins have unique patterns which make individual whales identifiable. These glorious creatures make perfect moments to capture remarkable pictures and stories of breaches, peck and tail slap and much more!

If you have any questions or would like to book your trip call us 808.879.2201 or email us seafire@maui.net


At Seafire Charters, your safety comes first. Due to the nature of the ride, pregnant women, children under 4 years old, those with back or neck injuries, or those who had a recent surgery should use discretion. 

PLEASE BRING: A towel, reef safe sunblock, and we’ll take care of the rest.